Essential Laundry Detergent - Sweet Tea

Roux Maison

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Roux Maisons Essential Detergent is the all-purpose formula that everyone needs - specifically designed for sheets, towels and daily laundry. It is the perfect laundry detergent to get into the fibers of these sturdy fabrics and get them completely clean without being too harsh. Using the correct detergent maintains fabrics and keeps them in their best condition for the longest amount of time possible so you can preserve what you love.

Our 6x concentrated detergents yield up to 40 machine washes per bottle, providing the most cost effective way to preserve your fabrics and keep dirty chemicals out of your home and away from your skin.

Perfect for all typical laundry needs: sheets, towels and everyday laundry turn out fresh and perfectly clean, every wash. 

Citrus blend made with 100% essential oils